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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Sum of All Fears

Good morning Vegman Nation!

Vegman woke up to Day 4 of the challenge even leaner and meaner. I'm down 4 lbs. and my energy level is through the roof. I didn't even have coffee this morning (this is unheard of in Veg-land).

Yesterday I ate leftovers from Monday's vegan feast for lunch. Excellent. I still can't believe I ate cauliflower. My co-workers continue to be a constant source of support. While I was eating my veggies in the conference room, my co-workers got takeout pizza and chicken fingers. Gar. But the Vegman abides.

That brings me to my topic for today, Veg-peeps. I've tried a couple of veggies over the last two days but I've got a lot more to go. Before I began this challenge, I really hadn't gone beyond corn or potatoes. My mission is to try most everything. But the very last of all last vegetables I will try is the intimidating beast of a fruit known commonly as a "tomato" (i just pronounced that to-mah-to for dramatic effect). I just don't understand how anyone can eat these things. Sure, ketchup rocks and tomato sauce is pretty much the greatest invention of the 20th century (fact check?) but a tomato itself is just so scary. Leathery/rubbery/possibly wrinkly skin housing a juicy, seed-filled collection of innards. What are with dealing with here? What is this thing? Does it taste sour? It certainly smells weird. It seems nothing like tomato sauce.

Anyway, a tomoto will be the absolute LAST vegetable I try. Right after cabbage.

Help me, Veg-men and Veg-ladies. How do I try my first tomato? Are these fears unfounded? Your comments are welcome.

Your pal, Vegman

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