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Thursday, February 24, 2011


Hello Veg-folks

Well, yesterday for lunch I had one of the best sandwiches I ever ate. No meat and no cheese. What?! Vegman is converted. Veg-min made me a sandwich on Ezekiel bread (I reccomend you try this bread, it's so hearty and healthy its like eating a tree, but you know, a good-tasting one)

The sandwich had "argula", red pepper hummus, and Veg-min's own tempeh bacon. It was like a Vegman BLT, except A.H.T. It's like how Boston people say "art". I would literally eat it for lunch every day of my life. And if you haven't tried Arugala, do yourself a favor. I was always terrified of lettuce (that sounded less wimpy in my head), but this stuff is peppery, small and non-intimidating, like an evening with Justin Bieber. Me likey.

Your pal, Vegman


  1. Blog stalking you from work again. Sigh.

    I would like to point out your various spellings of arugula. Priceless.

    I find your love for the peppery sprout strange indeed, considering it is one of the spiciest and most flavorful "lettuce" varieties out there. In comparison, romaine is meek, mild, and not nearly as intimidating, but you avoid it like the PLAGUE!

  2. Perhaps it is not romaine I avoid so surreptitiously, but his strange and foul brother "iceberg" lettuce. Whenever I see iceberg all I can think about is that scene in the great cinematic achievement known as "Look Who's Talking" when in a dream sequence Travolta finds a head of lettuce behind a dumpster and says "look, if you peel away the first few dirty layers, you've got a perfectly good head of lettuce". That stayed with me.