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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So one of my ardent fans who shall remain nameless (Veg-min) pointed out that one of my co-workers ordered a steak tip sub with a side of chicken fingers for himself for lunch yesterday. Honestly. How can a man be expected to eat a steak tip sub without some chicken fingers to wash them down? Reminds Vegman of the time another co-worker ordered a triple stacker meal at burger king with a whopper on the side. What? There was definitely a "oh, I thought you were done ordering" moment between him and I. Apparently after the super-sized value meal is ordered, featuring a 3-pattied bacon burger, the one-person order isn't necessarily done. Or the time that I saw a guy at a sub shop order a slice of pizza to eat while his cheesesteak calzone was cooking. Was this guy sentenced to be executed in the morning or something?


Your pal, Vegman.

Maybe the Quad Stacker would have done the trick.

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  1. I'm not a blog stalker. Stop accusing me of things that simply aren't true.

    Nice post, Vegman. you are sympathizing with the Veg-side! Look, I'm all for indulging on occasion (or more often), but I'm pretty sure that the day before said co-worker ate the infamous steak tip with side of chicken lunch, said coworker ordered an entire extra large pizza all to himself, or some such nonsense. This is an all too frequent occurrence in your office. I don't think a day goes by when someone isn't caught finishing an entire pizza.