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Monday, March 14, 2011


Yes, falafel. You heard me right. There aint no party like a falafel party. Well, when it's Veg-min's falafel balls made into a pretty awesome sandwich with spicy hummus, avocado, cilantro, lemon, and a side of caufli-pots, then there really aint no party like it.

Vegman is down 7 pounds and he's feeling a little bit better. Good stuff.

Your pal,

Friday, March 11, 2011

Vegman Lives!

Vegman has taken ill for the last week and has left himself quite the blogging hole to dig out of. He's back though and still fighting the 30 day vegan whole foods challenge. There's been some ups and downs and I want to tell you about them. Keep an eye out for the Vegman and stay away from meats and cheeses, my vegpeeps.

Your pal,

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Vegan Pulse

Vegman tried a new vegaraunt (vegan restaurant) this weekend with Veg-min. The Pulse Café in Somerville, Mass ( Veg-min and I arrived promptly at 4:55 p.m. for their 5:00 old-person seating. We had to wait across the street at a used furniture store for them to turn the sign from CLOSED to OPEN and then wait the requisite 3-5 minutes until it was no longer “super dorky” to bust in the door.
Anyway, this place doesn’t look like much from the outside, but it is a DELIGHT. I was really excited to eat at a restaurant after a week of subsisting on mostly twigs and berries. So Veg-min and I split two appetizers – 1) buffalo tofu bites and 2) “loaded” vegan chili cheese fries. We also split the main coarse – a seitan cheesesteak. Finally, we had dessert – vanilla almond frosted carrot cake. Here is my Vegman vegaraunt review of the week:
1. Buffalo Tofu Bites with miso dipping sauce (A+). Incredible. These things tasted like boneless buffalo wings. The buffalo sauce was delicious. The tofu was lightly breaded in some kind of panko. Good stuff. The miso dipping sauce was chunky and replicated the feel of a blue cheese dressing. Yumzo.

2. “Loaded” vegan chili cheese fries (B-). These were really good, but probably a bit underrated due to their juxtaposition next to the greatest appetizer of all vegan time. Cashew cheese sauce, three bean chili, and tempeh topped these fries. The chili was a bit on the smokey side.

3. Seitan Cheesesteak (A+). Stop it. This thing tasted like a real steak and cheese. No joke. Perfect homemade sub roll. Some kind of vegan garlic aioli on the bread. Shaved seitan and Daiya cheese. Perfection.

4. Vanilla almond frosted carrot cake (B+). This was really good, but I live with the world’s foremost vegan baker (Veg-min) and so I guess I am a bit of a hard grader when it comes to desserts.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Tavern in the Square is the devil

Vegman was tested again. It seems like the world is, quite literally, trying to shove meat down my throat. As if it isn’t bad enough that my co-workers are celebrating “drop everything and ham” every Friday and using sausages as bookmarks, tonight I went to dinner with Veg-min before a comedy show we were seeing in the city. We went to Tavern in the Square because they have a gourmet tater tot appetizer (you heard me). I ordered a veggie burger with avocado slices for my meal from our clueless "hunky" man-boy waiter...yeah maybe if you're as dumb as a bottle of Prell it isn't a good idea to not write down our order simply so you could make eye contact with us the whole time... anyway, out comes a real burger! The thing was burnt to a crisp, so it was hard to tell what it was, to be honest with you.

I took a bite (while blissfully ignorant and whistling dixie to myself) and Veg-min immediately “smelled” trouble. It’s like she’s a meatless hound dog. It was a confirmed beef burger and I immediately traded it in despite veg-min’s taunting suggestions of “you should just eat it”. Oh, you’d like that, wouldn’t you veg-min! I eat the burger (with malicious “intent to beef”, this time) and you walk away with the million dollars. What? The vegan challenge doesn’t have a million dollar prize??? Gar!!!!

Anyway, there is nothing that will get you more attention and sympathy from a waitstaff than telling them that you are a "vegan" and you were wrongfully served real meat. I think the sympathy dropped when they asked me if I was a vegan and I said "well, yes for now".

On and on we go. Your pal til the end,

Friday, February 25, 2011

VGN (Vegman's Gourmet Night)

Tonight is the night, Veg-land. Vegman embarks on a culinary journey to attempt to construct a vegan, whole foods alfredo sauce. Alfredo is Vegman's favorite food and one of about five recipes I know how to make well. The others are Shephard's pie (a recipe handed down from Vegman, Sr.), Tofu Cacciatore, "pretentious" Macaroni and Cheese (made with extra pretentious cheeses like that snobfest Gruyère and that stuck up turd known as Fontina), and Penne with Vodka sauce. I only know how to make a handful of things (mostly cheese/cream based pastas for some reason), but I make them well. Anyway, tonight I am cooking for Veg-min and myself on a night I like to call Vegman's Gourmet Night (or V.G.N.)

Does anyone out there in Vegland have a tried and true recipe for veg-fredo sauce?

Your pal, Vegman

This cheese thinks it is better than you.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Hello Veg-folks

Well, yesterday for lunch I had one of the best sandwiches I ever ate. No meat and no cheese. What?! Vegman is converted. Veg-min made me a sandwich on Ezekiel bread (I reccomend you try this bread, it's so hearty and healthy its like eating a tree, but you know, a good-tasting one)

The sandwich had "argula", red pepper hummus, and Veg-min's own tempeh bacon. It was like a Vegman BLT, except A.H.T. It's like how Boston people say "art". I would literally eat it for lunch every day of my life. And if you haven't tried Arugala, do yourself a favor. I was always terrified of lettuce (that sounded less wimpy in my head), but this stuff is peppery, small and non-intimidating, like an evening with Justin Bieber. Me likey.

Your pal, Vegman

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So one of my ardent fans who shall remain nameless (Veg-min) pointed out that one of my co-workers ordered a steak tip sub with a side of chicken fingers for himself for lunch yesterday. Honestly. How can a man be expected to eat a steak tip sub without some chicken fingers to wash them down? Reminds Vegman of the time another co-worker ordered a triple stacker meal at burger king with a whopper on the side. What? There was definitely a "oh, I thought you were done ordering" moment between him and I. Apparently after the super-sized value meal is ordered, featuring a 3-pattied bacon burger, the one-person order isn't necessarily done. Or the time that I saw a guy at a sub shop order a slice of pizza to eat while his cheesesteak calzone was cooking. Was this guy sentenced to be executed in the morning or something?


Your pal, Vegman.

Maybe the Quad Stacker would have done the trick.